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So its December now and all the Facebook newsfeed is filled with the posts of stress. December is supposed to be a ‘Stress Free Month’ but is it? Assignments, Exams, Marriages, Deadlines and what not? This month is perhaps the most stressful one as everyone encounters immense anxiety due to the numerous tasks that they have to perform within a limited amount of time. So headaches, burnout, work overload are highly evident but should STRESS really be blamed for all these negative consequences? Well, if you think yes, then you are absolutely wrong! Stress is not always as bad as it seems. In fact stress has a lot of advantages. Shocking? Isn’t it?

Stress produces lots of positive responses in people that are largely ignored in our society just because stress has been associated with negativity. But you know what? Lets break the negative stigma and look at the positive aspect of stress that is widely known by psychologists as ‘Eustress.’ So lets start off discussing the main advantages of stress:

  • Stress actually improves your brain functioning. Can’t believe this right? So far people only think that stress clogs their brain and prevents them from memorizing piles of information a day before the exam. But you know what, there is a flip side to this story as well. Some people actually need to experience stress so that they can do their work. And its true! Moderate levels of stress is actually beneficial as it helps your body to release chemicals that improve your attention and memory. Hence, some people always leave their work to be done at the last minute. Sure enough, they work best under tight deadlines. So next time, start studying when you experience stress but make sure that the stress should not rise to dangerously high levels.
  • Whats more? Stress also improves your health. So in this part of the year where everyone is suffering from a cold or flu, the stress can really help you in combating such infections. Moderate levels of stress boosts your immune system and hence it protects you from illnesses. So cheer up! Now you don’t need to go to a doctor for a minor cold because the stress in itself may make you strong enough to fight such infections on your own.
  • Stress Strengthens your personality. Ever wondered how you were able to complete a weeks amount of work in just one night despite all the anxiety, depression and hopelessness that you had to go through? But you still got the work done, showing that indeed that stressful situation moulded you into being a strong person as you now know how to handle and cope with negative emotions of anxiety, stress and what not. Hats off to you for developing a strong personality that could withstand majority of the pressurized situations.
  • Stress is the best booster. Well, whenever you experience stress, whether you notice it or not, you actually get a boost of energy that motivates you to complete your tasks. Thus, stress can actually tell you about what needs to be done and hence it could help you in achieving your goals.

I am sure, by now you must have realized that stress is not always bad. But let me warn you, very high levels of stress can be extremely disastrous and they call for immediate help. Hence, if you are experiencing severe stress, don’t waste your time, pick up the mobile and call Pukaar as a well-trained team of psychologists is always available to help you.

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