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Scarlet red blood sprouted from my mouth. I couldn’t move at all, it seemed as if my whole body was paralyzed. I had been brutally beaten up. I tried to gather my strength and get up but the effort went in vain. My head was throbbing with pain and I was feeling dizzy to such an extent that everything around me seemed blurry. Darkness was seeping in and I was slowly losing my consciousness.

This was not the first time such an incident had occurred. I had been beaten up numerous times and as if that was not enough, rude comments followed me everywhere! It seemed as if I was destined to become a victim of malevolent bullying no matter what ever I did. I tried my best not to hurt anyone yet everyone plotted against me, as if I am a bobo doll on whom everyone could take out their frustration. And why did they do that? Just because they were more powerful than me? Just because I was weak and couldn’t stand up against them? Just because I came from a relatively poor family? I was bullied for the reasons that I couldn’t even control? Honestly, tell me who on earth can control the family that they are born to? And not just that, at times I was bullied even without a reason! No matter whatever I did, whatever I said, I just couldn’t stop being victimized! Bullying had ruined my life as my self-esteem had been completely shattered and I was unable to face the world. I had experienced both verbal and physical bullying repeatedly in my school. Hence, I was not able to focus on my academics, extracurricular activities or work and I was becoming easily frustrated over little things. I was internally breaking down.

Bullying is a devastating phenomenon that internally breaks down and shatters an individual. Although several people witnessed me being repeatedly bullied at school, no one stood up for me. Everyone took on the role of silent observers and distanced themselves from me. I had no one to talk to, no one to share my feelings with and this further worsened my condition. In order to prevent this from happening to others, I would like to encourage all of you to stand up against bullying and raise your voice for justice so that no one suffers like me. And if you think that you do not possess enough courage to raise your voice against bullying, at least try listening to the victim and show some empathy so that the victim’s bottled up feelings could be released. And if you cannot even do this, then please recommend them to contact platforms like Pukaar that are available to hear them out. Pukaar is a platform that comprises of a team of well-trained psychologists that provide psychological assistance to clients and it is always there to hear everyone out. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pukaar if you need any sort of help.

Written By: Rida Irfan

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