It all started when I was a ten year old little girl, the time when I hardly understood what is life? What does it mean to live?

My days used to start early and were completely normal, full of joy, just like any other happy go lucky kid until I began worrying about little things; I panicked, thought about what would happen next, and experienced stress without any apparent cause. This worry transformed into worrying about worry, then worrying about another worry and this chain continued, until it was built into a monster of worries. I used to worry about little things; whether I will be able to reach school on time? Will the teacher scold me? What if she asks me to read out loud during class? What if I get stuck while giving a presentation? Exam stress had been a major part of my life. Trust me, it’s bad. When you think you won’t be able to make it up to the expectations of your parents. When you think you’re going to fail even after waking up for several nights studying for exams. You just give up. The moment when the question paper comes in front of you, you panic and everything just vanishes from your mind and your mind is all blank while you stare at the blank answer sheet. Worrying about future is another enemy in your story game which you are unable to fight with. It’s the hardest level of the whole game. You stress over meaningless things. Yes, you read it right, MEANINGLESS! How can you even predict your future? But oh, you’ll stress over what will happen next anyway. What if you won’t be able to excel in your exams? What if you won’t be able to become a doctor? What if you won’t be getting any profit from your new business? What if your boss will not be satisfied by your work performance? These ‘what ifs’ would never end. There is an ongoing chain of ‘what ifs’ that isn’t even there.

Here are some useful tips to manage your stress:

  • Get Sufficient Sleep: A normal healthy adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep on an average to function efficiently. However, in this fast paced society, most people suffer from a lack of sleep as they either have ample work to do or they indulge in binge watching their favorite seasons. Here is what you need to do: Turn off your mobile, ensure that there is no stressor present in your room, don’t drink caffeine and sleep as early as possible.
  •     Talk to a Trusted Friend: The most disastrous consequences have been associated with bottled up tension inside an individual. As a human, you have a limit to the amount of tension that you can hold within yourself and as the tension progresses to gather up inside you, it causes significant stress on a daily basis. Hence, it is always important to share your feelings with a trusted friend or family member so that the stress does not prove to be devastating.
  •    Take Control of the Situation: Pending assignments? Unprepared Quizzes? Emerging Deadlines? Uncompleted tasks? All these factors are the primary causes of stress. Don’t let these factors override you, take the plunge and control the situation! Manage your time so that all the work is done beforehand and you could sit back and relax later on. Come on, managing stress is all about efficient planning!

Trust me, nothing is worth diminishing your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear. If the problem can be solved, why worry about it? You must learn to let go. Release stress.

So if you need help, do not hesitate to contact PUKAAR and take the stress out from your life.

Written By: Hafiza Kanza Ashfaq, Harmeen Khalid and Rida Irfan

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