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When you think about what’s happening in the world, does it cause tension? Does the future look uncertain? Does your life seem tired ? Does it feel scary to do normal things like go to the mall or walk along a busy street? Is it difficult for you to take decisions for little things? Do you feel hard to manage your daily activities in life?
Everything will be alright. Let’s Start…!
The future could be both exciting and scary. There are decisions to make a changing working world, and sometimes the worry can get the better of you. It’s a tough time to think and feel about future. I always seem to stress about my career, family, health, savings, financial sources, worklessness, bills, kid’s schools or tuition fees and their future. How can I be happy in life? I guess this would be a common person’s biggest concern of living in the present. A person by his nature is a sufferer. Our future lies only in our mind as future was created by our mind so that we can never concentrate in the present. If we don’t have money or a house, or any other luxury of life according to our desires it creates worry in the present. Imagination about future creates scenarios like if a couple doesn’t have kids, they would be happy when have kids, and when that couple would have kid or kids, they would be concern for their kid’s education, lifestyle, and career. Everyone imagines the best, bright and happy future. A human being can never be fully satisfied, look always seem to have a desire. Sometimes it’s good to be that way but sometimes it’s just a worry and tension over to the person. Your future is simply an exaggerated imagination of having everything that you don’t have right now.
All that has ever happened to you, happened in the present. All that is happening to you is happening in the present. All that will ever happen to you would also happen in the present!
Future is simply procrastinated ‘present’. All that you will ever have is ‘this’ moment. So if you can keep yourself happy in this moment, why would you have to worry about tomorrow? Live in HERE AND NOW.
Feel everything today and at the moment, don’t wait for happiness in the future, take advantage from the present.
But I understand where the problem lies. ‘Live in the present’ is a simple thing to say but most people find it difficult to comprehend. This is because most of us use logic for almost about anything.
But you do not have to worry because when things seem difficult it never means that it is impossible especially when Pukaar is serving at its best. Now it’s over to you, do not hesitate, feel free to let the team Pukaar know about your future stress and Pukaar will be ready to help you.

Written By: Kanza Ashfaq Malik and Rida Irfan

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