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Remember the time when Hollywood made us believe that the world was going to end in 2012? The fourteen years old me was petrified by the thought of dying so early. As the year ended and everybody welcomed 2013, I promised myself that I’m never going to worry about the future. I think I did pretty well up till now, junior year of university, as the graduation day is approaching; I can feel this tension building up in my mind. My brain’s asking me questions about my life after university and honestly I have no idea, because the promise I made to myself years ago has hindered me to see beyond the present. Every time I think about the future, I can feel this pressure build up that crawls up my back towards the back of my head, my shoulders feel the weight of my thoughts. As I stare into the abyss of my future, with every second that passes by, I can feel my heart beat increasing as darkness takes over my vision. I can’t see anything. Is this what my future looks like; nothing?

I see people around me, getting up every morning to get to their workplace, to earn money to support their families but at the end of the day, are they happy with what they have? I hear people complaining about their 9am-5pm job routine, saying that there is so much they could’ve done, if they had the opportunity. So many different ideas they could have executed if they didn’t have the responsibility of taking care of their family. I fear what if I don’t live up to my full potential and end up in a place where there is no personal growth, just stress that consumes half of my life and at the end, I’m left with nothing? In this era of social media, we see people posting about their lives, showing us what the world is like outside; the amazing places that exist, the food, the culture and the lifestyles of people all across the globe. When I see such posts, I wonder whether I’d have enough to experience it all.

Worrying about the future is something that all us have faced once in our life, or for some people it’s a constant struggle, but keeping the current situation of the world in mind; with all the discrimination, hate, violence and ignorance, do you really think we have a future. We have examples like the climate change, where the earth is literally melting and we know that it is going to affect us adversely, yet people don’t take this matter seriously. We see people fighting for their rights and losing their lives in the name of freedom, which makes me wonder “is this the future I’m stressed out about?” I’ve invested my life in making choices for myself that would ultimately lead me towards success, but what is happening around me has made me realize that I can either fight for what I’ve worked on in order to bare the fruit of success or give up and let destiny decide what my future is. What do you do when you find yourself at a crossroads in life? You consult with the people who understand your situation and help you chose the right path. Our team at Pukaar consists of amazing psychologists who focus on the well-being of the people, which leads to a better society and eventually a better future for us to prosper us. Contact us to find answers to all your questions and live a life free of potentially harming stress.

Written By: Izza Raza

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