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Ever saw someone struggling through life? I did. When I figured out something was wrong, it was too late. It consumed me, I was devastated. I was at the verge of losing a close friend to suicide. I know, it’s hard to figure out when someone’s going through mental health crisis because when you ask them how are they feeling, they respond with nothing else but ‘I’m alright, thanks’ because the stigma around mental health made them think as being weak entities or simply stupid for talking out their feelings. In this case, do not believe them like I did. Keep a check on them until it’s too late.

I will tell you how to detect when someone’s going through mental health crisis. Try to figure out what changes occurred within your friends or family overtime. Whether they lose their job all of a sudden, or show irregular frustration and despair. They might not get out of bed for weeks or barely talk to someone. They are not interested in getting dressed when going out or barely come to gatherings. Sometimes you seriously don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors, I know it’s really hard and sometimes impossible to figure it out. But all I want to say is just be there for people when they need you the most and try helping them figure out something before it’s too late. It can cost you their life. And sometimes you really can’t afford it.

Suicidal thoughts are not just mere thinking of the mind which can be easily pushed away. It is an agonizing constant interference the victim suffers even when they don’t want to think about it. Therefore, treatment and support is necessary which can be provided through caring, listening and possibly if you can help that person out. Being there for someone, taking a small portion of time for your friends or family is not a hard thing to do because just having someone to talk to when you’re struggling can go a long way. It might serve as a boost for them. They might seek a light of hope while talking it out to you. A hope to live more, overcome their fears and seek a better life ahead.

People fail to understand that mental illness is a major health concern rather than just a distorted perception of mind. Untreated mental illness can lead to constant interference of negative automatic thoughts of suicidal attempt or self-harm.

Whenever you encounter someone struggling, try to help them at least by talking or simply recommend them to seek help through mental health platforms like PUKAAR. The panel is ready to help you because your mental health matters. Your life is precious. So let’s join hands together and work for a better world. You might save someone’s life!

Written By: Harmeen Khalid

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