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I looked at myself in the mirror. It seemed as if another person was staring at me. She had a skinny skeleton like figure, dark black circles beneath her eyes, messy hair and blank eyes that signified emptiness. Who would believe that a lively person who was once the light of everyone’s eyes had turned into someone completely unwanted and worthless. Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind; ‘I am a useless and worthless person. No one loves me. Everyone hates me. I don’t deserve to live.’ It was the moment I gave up. I couldn’t bear it anymore!

I was on the verge of ending my life because of all the people who belittled me, who made me feel as an unwanted person that was a huge burden on this Earth. Have you ever wondered that you were a part of it? Yes, you were the one who casually passed negative comments about me that seemed a mere joke to you. But deep inside these comments shattered my heart into a million tiny fragments and ruined my life. And guess what? You never knew you were destroying me because you never understood what depression really meant. You never knew what I was going through. Do you want to put an end to all of this? Don’t want to hurt anyone again? So let’s just take a moment out from our lives and understand what suffering from depression really looks like.

Have you ever had the urge to end your life? Do you think no one loves you? Do you feel down for long periods of time? Do you feel no one needs you? Does your favorite T.V show that you watched so excitedly not amuse you anymore? Do you feel that nothing in this world can make you happy anymore? Don’t give up! It may seem impossible right now but believe me you can change all of this yourself!

Even baby steps can help. You just have to take out a minute to look yourself in the mirror and appreciate yourself in a loud voice. Weird, isn’t it? But it’s highly effective. As they put it, to love yourself is the first and foremost step of receiving love from others.

Next, try to keep yourself busy so random negative thoughts cannot clog your brain. Go for a walk to your favourite park, buy a delicious ice cream and sit under the warm rays of the sun. These little things will not only brighten up your whole day but they would also make you happy.

Even after practicing these steps do you still feel down? Don’t worry, Pukaar has your back! We have diverse panel of professional psychologists that specialize in treating depression and are readily available to help you. So no need to suffer anymore, we are just a call away!

Wriiten by: Rida Irfan

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