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Scrolling over your mobile for hours and hours has now become a new norm. We endlessly pass comments over the trending celebrity stories, stare at ‘so called’ perfect body shapes of famous models and support the newly emerging movements like the #Metoo movement. Whilst all these things have their advantages, you may not realize it but spending so much time on social media is in itself an addiction in disguise.

And you know what’s most threatening? Social media addiction is even more disastrous than consuming alcohol or all sorts of deadly drugs! This is because you are gradually falling into a pit hole of darkness without even realising it. The perfect models that you are seeing on the screen are gradually creating a sense of imperfection within you. The lovey dovey couples that you see daily are intoxicating your mind with a feeling of being unloved. The extravagant lifestyles that attract you are making you feel inferior. And in this way, the social media is slowly influencing your mind, personality and hence your whole life!

But don’t forget, there are plenty of things that happen beyond the screen about which you are not well aware of! These gorgeous actresses are photoshopped to such an extent that they lose their originality. No doubt, you often don’t recognise them when you see them in reality. The richy rich people that you admire may actually be living a life full of emptiness, without any happiness. No wonder, the suicide rates are soaring so high nowadays. So coming to my point; never fall prey to whatever nuisance is shown on the social media because most of it is not real anyway!

Remember, you are perfect in your own way. You have been created in a unique manner by one of the greatest artists of all times; God. So there is absolutely no need to compare yourself with the content shown on the social media. Because then again, there is a flip side of reality to each picture that is highly different from whatever is revealed to you. Keep in mind these points and take the plunge of your life in your own hands:

  • Be your own boss! Don’t allow social media to rule your life. Instead, be the director of your own life! Lead your life according to your own standards, rather than the norms set by the social media.
  • Embrace your imperfections. So what if you have an overly pointed nose or loads of belly fat? Atleast you have a warm heart that shines above all! Look at your strengths rather than dwelling over your weaknesses. Don’t forget that everyone is imperfect so why worry over something that everyone has? Instead focus on the strengths that make you unique and stand above the rest.
  • Put an end to the never ending self loathing spiral. It won’t be wrong if I say that the society and the social media has made you loathe yourself. All the beauty product advertisements on Facebook are designed to make you become overly critical about your skin. The slimming belt commercials fat shame you to your core and the luxurious car adds set up the bar for your lifestyle too high. No doubt, you start underestimating your own potentials and end up hating yourself. But this needs to stop now! Stop comparing yourself with everything that you see on the screen and start limiting the onscreen time.

With that being said, I hope that now you would start valuing yourself for who you are. And don’t forget, if it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to do so, Pukaar is ready to hold your hand and lend you all the support that you need!

Written by: Rida Irfan

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