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Thanks to our super-dooper geniuses searching all sorts of disorders on Google, the term panic attack is currently being heavily misused. Are you afraid of the dark? Is your heart beating rapidly? Alas, Dr. Google has diagnosed you with a panic attack and now you need proper therapy sessions! What’s more, Dr. Google understood your condition within seconds, and now it’s time to shove away all the psychologists who engage in hours and hours of talking to understand your condition.

What could be easier than this? All your time that had to be wasted inside the therapy room is now saved and you have become your own doctor. But wait, don’t run after convienance! This may sound perfect, but it has disastrous consequences and you know what, Dr. Google can misdiagnose you with an illness that you don’t even have! You may not even have a panic attack but all sorts of comments posted by various people may wrongly convince you that you have it. And as if this wasn’t enough, you may experience anxiety thinking about how will you lead your life now that you are a psychological patient. Additionally, you might encounter depression by continously thinking about your illness. Now you see what happened? A fake diagnosis made you psychologically ill in reality as you either became an anxious or a depressed patient.

So let’s accept the fact with a heavy heart that everything posted on the Internet is not always true. Yes, the techniques to deal with your illness that you found online may be highly effective but remember, the Internet never knows the situation that you are in and the amount of importance that you give to each value. For you, honesty might be more important than loyalty in a relationship but for me loyalty is always on the top. So the Internet does not consider your unique preferences while giving you a treatment plan.

A psychologist on the other hand invests a lot of time in understanding your unique circumstances, cultural differences and your priorities. He always modifies the treatment according to your needs and hence provides the best possible advice to you. So never let the Internet dampen down the advise of a psychologist who has put in so much effort to draw a perfect treatment plan for you!

With that being said, you might think that its not always possible to go to a psychologist. After all, you are a busy person! Well, I agree that you have millions of tasks at hand and you can’t spare enough time to sit in never-ending therapy sessions. So let’s draft a solution for this.

Why not take advantage of the modern technology? Why not resort to online counsellors? Pukaar is a well-established platform that has a great history of providing everyone with psychological assistance at minimal rates. So make the best possible use of this platform and use it as per your convenience!

Written by: Rida Irfan

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