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With the Corona Virus on its rise and the Government imposed lock-downs on a stand still, it is not surprising that all the couch potatoes are turning on their television screens and watching the status quo of the Corona virus. But what are we hearing all the time? The inflating number of people who are being diagnosed with this infectious virus, the ever increasing death rate and the unavailability of a cure for it. No doubt, by hearing these facts continuously we are developing a bubble of huge fear within us!

And as if this wasn’t enough, the horrific environment around us is adding to our fears. All the schools that used to enlighten the minds of millions of students are now deserted, the restaurants that used to serve scrumptious food daily are now gradually closing down, the companies that used to work day and night to serve their valued customers have shut down so it is not wrong to say that a new era is starting; the era of isolation or so called ‘social distancing.’

But what are we supposed to do now? We were always out of our house going to the university, partying, connecting with friends, eating in fancy restaurants and a lot more! How can we live in a stranded island known as our home? How are we supposed to pass this never ending time of idleness and curb our boredom? And above all, how are we supposed to overcome the fear created by this virus? In the midst of these uncertain times, Pukaar has a few tips for you that could help reduce your anxiety and hence increase your overall well-being.

  • Limit your sources of information. As it is said, the more you hear the more likely you are to panic. So why make your life monotonous by listening to the same thing over and over again? Cut down your sources of information and rely on only a few news channels and websites. And don’t forget to disable the annoying notifications from these sources!
  • Learn to say stop when it’s time. Listened to the news once? Now it’s time to stop. Don’t go overboard by conducting your own personal researches. It’s absolutely okay if you walk away with a little bit of information. After all, you are not cracking the code of landing on Mars!
  • Give yourself a reality check. Think about what is actually so frightening about this virus? Remember if you abide by all the precautionary measures, it’s not as scary as it seems.Don’t shake hands with others, wear face masks and wash your hands regularly. Just be a little cautious and enjoy this moment to the filullest! What’s more relaxing than staying inside the house and watching your favourite T.V shows?
  • Think of yourself as a superhero. Who would have thought that a time would come when you will not have to fight upfront on the battlefields but save lives by just chilling at home? Believe it or not, it’s the perfect chance to save the world by sitting on your couch and binge watch your famous seasons. Saving a life couldn’t get easier than this! And whether you know it or not but by staying at home you are playing your part. So be proud of yourself!

Well, you know what? These easy to do tips have been specifically formulated to help you in tackling your anxiety in this dark time of uncertainty. But if you need further support, then reach out to Pukaar immediately, as this platform would match you with mentors that would give you expert advise.

Written by: Rida Irfan

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