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Are you all alright? Do you feel sad in your daily life? Do you feel living life is complicated in this world? Do you feel anxious about most of your things or work? Are you categorized on those who overthink about little things in life? Are you hyperactive? You don’t have to worry if you have any problems related to the above-mentioned issues.

Let’s get started a movement we will take care ourselves if we have any mental illness and will strive for healthy life because it is not 1, 2, 3,…10 people suffering such mental health issues there are thousands and millions of people in Pakistan facing mental illnesses and they actually don’t realize that they have any problem which can be resolved. And even if they realize; they do not seek help from psychologists due to the stigma of being labeled as Pagal. 

However, people can surely reduce their symptoms to prevent mental illness. For this, take an initiative towards controlling your anger, stress, increasing resilience and boosting your self-esteem. This might help you to keep your symptoms under control. 

Value yourself – Be kind with yourself and give respect to yourself, and avoid self-criticism.  Make a schedule to fulfill your hobbies; means have proper time for your desires. Do whatever you want to reach your goals.  

Take care of your body – Take care of yourself physically can improve your mental health. Be sure to: eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly as it improves your mood, mental functioning, reduces depression as well as anxiety. Lastly, get enough sleep and try to stay calm and relaxed.

Get help when you need it – Mental health conditions can be harder to treat if you wait until symptoms get worse. Long-term maintenance treatment also may help to prevent a relapse of symptoms.

Don’t hold a grudge – Forgiveness is a powerful tool. If you allow anger and other negative feelings to crowd out positive feelings, you might find yourself swallowed up by your bitterness or sense of injustice.

Use humor to release tension – Try bringing humor to life especially within your social circle. It may help to reduce your tension, stress, and anger. 

Break up the monotony – everyone needs change and change is necessary at the right moment when you need it. Although our routines make us more efficient and enhance our feelings of security and safety, a little change of pace can perk up in your life. It can be your favorite restaurant, living style, jogging at a different park, etc. that you need to change for your better health.

When platforms like PUKAAR is always helping and serving people, then you don’t have to worry about if you being unable to deal with your mental issues by yourself. So, contact PUKAAR and an amazing team of psychologists which is 24/7 available will help people deal with their mental illnesses.

Written by: Izza Raza

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