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Loneliness! All of us go through it *Ahhhh, a deep sigh* It’s so difficult to face it. Yet no one understands it when you tell them what you are going through. No doubt, it seems as if you are left to deal with it all alone! So in this one-sided battle that you are fighting single handedly, you have to remember a few things that you have to continuously tell yourself. 

What do you have to tell yourself? 

It’s not only you. With all the time that you are spending scrolling through the Facebook and Instagram pages, seeing all the people happily posting pictures with their family and friends; you are bound to get the impression that you are the only one who is alone. But just like every shiny object is not gold, all these people are not necessarily immune to loneliness. Who knows, they might still be lonely deep down. Besides, there are thousands of people like you out there who are feeling the same way and are not posting anything. So don’t fall for the false illusion! 

Your feelings are valid. We have all heard ‘You are completely fine, kuch nai hua tumhay.’ No matter whatever the people say to discount your feelings; turn a blind eye towards them. You know what you are going through and that’s more than enough! Why listen to others who cannot even understand you? Find the answers within yourself. Ask yourself; why am I feeling like this? What can I do to improve my condition? 

Ummm…. Well, here’s the catch! Remember, just telling yourself these things won’t do the trick. No matter how much you deny it, but you also have to face loneliness head front and cope with it. 

How to cope with Loneliness? 

Paradigm Shift. Just think for a moment. Are you expecting too much from yourself? Are you looking for an ideal situation where you are always surrounded by people who love you unconditionally? Are you demanding too much from your introverted personality? Stop! Be realistic. All this could never become true because you are expecting too much. So set realistic expectations. 

Self Pampering. So what if no one is there with you? You have yourself! Make the most out of it. Build a good relationship with yourself. Do activities that make you feel happy. Adopt a skin care routine to pamper yourself or watch movies that you love. And guess what? The loneliness would no longer feel that bad at all!

Socializing. If possible, why not throw away your monotonous routine and start something new? Step out of your comfort zone and try to socialize. Afterall, what’s the harm in exploring these uncrossed rivers? 

So what are you waiting for? Get up and try these out! 

Written by: Rida Irfan

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