We are all addicted to something in our lives. It can be anything; drugs, habits, lifestyle, thoughts or even people! Whether you sniff it, drink it, smoke it or overthink it, the results are the same; Addiction!

The impact of lockdown and social distancing has become a huge concern for us. Living in this pandemic has increased loneliness, social withdrawal, lethargy, depressed feelings and increase in drug addiction. As for the people with addictions, they need to forget about the situation while getting high, at least for a while. This is their escape; escape from all the worries, escape from the feelings of being lonely, jobless, trapped within their homes and what not. They only need a buzz to forget about their worries and live in ‘the moment’. But, they overlook the consequences of their addictions. They don’t want to figure out where they are being trapped, strangled and accumulated.

Let me tell you about some predictors of addiction:

  • Depression is one of the major predictors of addiction. People tend to involve in addictive activities just to gain peace
  • Peer influence is also a key to addiction. After all, your friends won’t approve you if you don’t do drugs.
  • Childhood traumas can be a risk towards substance abuse!
  • Early use of nicotine/drug often makes you addictive towards it.

So what can you do about it?

  • Spend 20-30 minutes in fresh air every day, your connection with the outside world during this pandemic is essential. DO NOT forget to maintain your social distance!
  • Set up a routine, you cannot be a sleepy head all the time, bring on some productivity!
  • Try to resolve your childhood conflicts, you may seek professional help!
  • Increase your drug-intake duration. Controlling the frequency and duration of the drug can help you reduce it!

Written By: Harmeen Khalid

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