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Are you one of them who is constantly changing the news channels to keep themselves updated about Covid-19? Or the one who googles every time how many cases have increased and how many deaths have occurred due to the virus? And then are you anxious or stressed? Are your muscles tensed? Do you feel restless?

Let’s take relief!

Anxiety has no face. It can occur anytime and anywhere. Anxiety usually develops gradually. In Covid-19, it can be due to your mind being empty owing to the lockdown restrictions or simply because you are not in your office being bombarded with lots of work. The news that you hear continuously about the number of cases, deaths and how much to keep yourself updated can further build up your anxiety. However, anxiety can occur due to many reasons.

So how you can overcome your anxiety on your own:

  • Learn about your anxiety because it’s important to understand what you are suffering from.  
  • Identify your negative or irrational thoughts coming to your mind, then challenge those thoughts and replace them with the realistic ones
  • Listen to the news once or twice instead of the whole day 
  • Adopt healthy lifestyle habits i.e. do regular exercise, keep yourself hydrated, go to your bed on time and make time for fun and relaxation

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Written by: Hafiza Kanza Ashfaq Malik

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