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Let’s tackle a common misconception today. Do you think that going for therapy can bring some sort of magic in your life so that it becomes absolutely perfect? As true as it may seem, let’s look at the other side of the coin and see if this actually happens. 

The Real Face of Therapy

Believe it or not, undergoing therapy is not a bed of roses. It’s a roller coaster ride where you will be one minute up, next minute down. Life may seem perfect for a second and the very next moment, you may feel that therapy has actually made your life worse; you now remember your childhood traumas more vividly and can identify the actual culprits whom you interact with on a daily basis. And what’s more, you end up questioning yourself; will I even get better? This may force you to lose sight and convince you that you can never get better. Guaranteed, you will think along the following lines:

  • My problem is too big to be solved. It can never end. 
  • But I can’t live with this forever, it is unbearable. 
  • I AM the problem. 

Well, the root cause of all these thoughts is HOPELESSNESS. 

So How Can I Overcome Hopelessness? 

This complex question can be easily answered in three words; INVEST IN YOURSELF! 

  • Bring affirmations to use. Set constant reminders for yourself; I am lovable and my life is precious! I am my own master and would surely gain control over my life!
  • Don’t give away your power. As absurd as it may seem, everytime you bend yourself to ‘fit-in’ with others, you are unconsciously losing your power and coming a step closer to hopelessness. Time to embrace yourself the way you are and be proud of it! 
  • Celebrate. While the whole world around you is adamant on negativity, become the change-maker. Grab every opportunity to smile and dance. Even making your own bed is a great achievement that is surely worth celebrating. Time to party now! 

With hopelessness at bay, you may not need therapy at all. And even if you need it, you would surely get better more quickly than your fellows. So hurry up and invest in yourself before it’s too late!

Written by: Rida Irfan

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