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Let me introduce you to ‘Him’.

He is named as a ‘Pedophile’ by us. He believes that there are children, even those of a very young age, who like sex with adults and even seek/crave for it. He believes that adults are supposed to satisfy the child’s sexual needs. He can either target a male or female or even both. Remember he can be bisexual. He believes that there comes a point where it is all so right and legal to have sexual relationships with children and they are allowed to do so. He may do it to release his frustration. Frustration? It might be due to unfulfilled desire, familial or relationship conflicts or due to the society that tells him those desires are evil, illegal, harmful, sick and what not. The society tells him he is a psycho, a pervert. He shouldn’t live.

He clearly knows that this makes him a monster in the public eye. He is known as the sex offender. Some call him a child abuser. Is he a child abuser? Is pedophilia and child abuse the same thing? If you think so, you’re wrong. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder while child abuse is a criminal offence. Child abuse in the name of pedophilia is completely wrong. Let me make it clear for you.


  • Is mostly a male adult.
  • Is usually married.
  • Usually found employed in places associated with children.
  • Tends to collect child erotica or child-adult pornographic content.
  • Is sensible enough to identify his problem and understand its severity.
  • Pursues children for sexual benefits.
  • Mostly found around children.
  • Lack of socialization among adults.
  • Talks about children in the same manner they would talk about their lover or spouse.
  • Tries to rationalize or conceal their illegal activities. Often involved in narcotics.
  • Often portrays the child as the aggressor.


  • Identify the characteristics of a pedophile in your neighborhood.
  • Supervise your child’s extracurricular activities.
  • Teach your child about Good/Bad touch.
  • Teach your child to stay safe online.
  • Insert a camera if the child is with a baby sitter.
  • Conversation with your child is essential. The predators warn the child to stay quiet. Give your child an easy room to share anything with you.
  • Keep a check on his moods. Talk it out if you see him upset, quiet or not engaging in daily activities. Make sure your child is feeling emotionally supported.

Written by: Harmeen Khalid

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