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We can all agree that the spread of corona and the subsequent period of quarantine was a time of great stress and uncertainty for all. It felt like our whole lives had turned upside down in the matter of days. There was a constant fear of this seemingly uncontrollable disease and nobody appeared to have any answers of how long this will last. 

There is no denying the fact that one group of people who struggled a lot during this time were the students. The shutting down of educational institutes for the foreseeable future was jarring enough but the addition of online classes made it even worse, at least for some time. Students everywhere struggled with understanding how to use the applications and turning towards the teachers for guidance proved to be futile as they were facing the same issues themselves. The overload of work to compensate, the constantly changing marking policies and the complete shift of the working environment contributed to the students’ anxiety and stress.

Now, when it finally felt that they were adjusted to the ‘new way of life’ educational institutes were re-opened. Many of them were extremely delighted after hearing this news but it has to be acknowledged that it brought its own challenges. There are many reasons behind this. First of all, during the quarantine time their whole routines had shifted. Many of them became night owls; sleeping during the day and working at night, barely awake during their online classes. Their whole approach to studying has changed and it is proving to be difficult to let go of it. Moreover, there has been a recent spike in corona cases which has led to a constant fear of contracting corona virus in the back of their minds. So, even if there were feelings of excitement on the prospect of being back to school, college, or university, they have been taken over by the increasing levels of stress and anxiety.


At the end of the day, the reality is that us humans are extremely adaptable beings. All that can be done at this point is to make the best of the current situation and find methods which can allow us to deal with it in the most successful way. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make Sure You Follow the SOPs:

The most important thing is to follow the SOPs. Make sure you put on a mask, wash your hands, or use a sanitizer regularly and maintain social distancing. Not only is this crucial for the prevention of the spread of corona it will also put your mind to an ease.  

  • Take Care of Yourself:

Make sure that you put yourself first. This includes both physical health and mental health. There is nothing wrong in taking a day off when everything feels too overwhelming or you feel too exhausted.

  • Establish Your Routine:

Try your best to establish a proper routine. Getting a good night’s sleep can contribute to decrease in stress. Moreover, feeling refreshed and active can help in making one feel in command and tackling studies will be easier.

  • Join a Co-Curricular:

Focusing on just academics can make things dull and monotonous. Joining a co-curricular will not only distract you but also help in connecting with others (but do not forget the SOPs).

Written by: Laiba Ahmad

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