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Amna Azim

She graduated with honors in Applied Psychology from Kinnaird College in 2017. While studying, she volunteered at Shaukat Khanum Hospital & Research Centre and with cancer care Hospital. She did her internship at Lahore General Hospital in psychiatric ward, at an addiction rehabilitation centre “Waada” and also did internship at Services Hospital. This combination of working whilst studying has given her both the theoretical and practical knowledge needed for future position she will take up. These different work places have given her potential to work with flexibility in broad range of demanding positions and confidence that she will undertake her duties professionally and effectively. During the last decade, our nation has seen a lot of traumatic events both in the domain of security and natural calamities. As a result, there is an exponential increase in the psychological and physiological issues in our society. Also lack of awareness and the dire deficiency of good psychologists have made the situation worse. As a concerned citizen, she deeply feels this and she want to do everything in her capacity to help such people.