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Addiction; Where Life Ends!

We are all addicted to something in our lives. It can be anything; drugs, habits, lifestyle, thoughts or even people! Whether you sniff it, drink it, smoke it or overthink it, the results are the same; Addiction! The impact of lockdown and social distancing has become a huge concern for us. Living in this pandemic […]

Debunking Self-criticism

Scrolling over your mobile for hours and hours has now become a new norm. We endlessly pass comments over the trending celebrity stories, stare at ‘so called’ perfect body shapes of famous models and support the newly emerging movements like the #Metoo movement. Whilst all these things have their advantages, you may not realize it […]

Choose Life

You are waiting for the traffic light to go green, you’re waiting in your lane and a young skinny man walks towards your car. His clothes are torn, his hair a tangled mess along with a scruffy beard, he’s covered in dirt and can barely talk. He asks you to help him because he hasn’t […]