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Humaira Ghafoor

She has a Master’s degree in psychology. She truly believes that the best way to understand, in which condition someone is going through, is to find out triggering aspects, interpretation and then interventions. As well as providing all those services they need to help them to come out from the dark well into the light. The experience of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, anger management and family conflicts is direct to her access.

She says that, a mental health counselor is a lifeline for people in great distress. We must exude kindness, courtesy, and patience, all without judgment. This role also supports people to prevent crisis situations. As a counselor, she works with individuals and groups to promote optimum mental and emotional health include substance abuse; addictions; mental conditions, including bipolar disorder, depression, and personality disorders; family, parental, and marital problems; stress management; low self-esteem; and aging. She explained that, troubled people will look to you for support and advice in times of turmoil and deep uncertainty. You must never take this sacred trust for granted.