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Rida Irfan

She is a girl who is passionate to help others. She has studied psychology for the five years and have a great deal of experience with patients. She has interned in various hospitals like Children’s Hospital, Jinnah Hospital and Shaikh Zayed Hospital where she has successfully conducted numerous sessions with a wide variety of patients. She has just returned from U.S.A after studying psychology and acquiring various skills that are essential in clinical settings. She believes that every issue can be tackled if the client is properly understood and is provided guidance. Therefore, she uses a client centered approach where she tailors her therapies according to the needs of the client. The client is regarded as a unique individual who is fully understood in terms of his context, past experiences, cognitions and beliefs. Once the client is understood, the therapies are applied with mutual consent. She is highly flexible and creative in terms of the therapies that she provides. Her therapeutic style is warm, empathetic and supportive. She always values the cognitions of her client and firmly believe that mutual cooperation can yield great results.