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Kumail Tirmizi

He is a professional motivational speaker in Lahore. He has been pursuing education in the field of psychology for over 5 years and has a lot experience in the field of counseling. He believes that we all can benefit a lot from having a safe space to think out loud and being able to express our feelings and thoughts. Stress reduction, addiction, relationship management and career planning are his areas of expertise. Ever since his youth he has been fascinated by the human mind and its ability to influence the world that exists inside and outside us. He worked with children and young adults. He usually uses a holistic approach that aims to tackle issues from where you view them and so our mode of action will be planned according to ability and position. He will support and guide you at your own pace. He says that, this is the key to improve quality of life in a manageable and sustainable manner. He is a very open minded and friendly human being.