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Mahnoor Asif

She a Clinical Psychologist residing in Lahore. She has 4-year field experience working with people with diverse backgrounds and having faced different problems. Besides working for various organizations as a volunteer, she also has been attached with fountain house and National School of Special Needs through course supplements. She believes that therapist is the one who can provide personalized treatment plans for individualized problems. Her dedication to the field of mental health stems from working with adolescents, providing them career and relationship counselling and helping them deal with their family issues. She describes her way of counselling as empathic and supportive. She believes the best way to truly understand what someone is going through is listening to him/her carefully and analyzing the situation and let it lead you to the direction of root of the problem. She is of the believe that with small incremental steps towards understanding of things we can all get to experience a happier and healthier life.