Pukaar Community

Raheela Tariq

Consultant Psychologist

She is a Counseling Psychologist with 28 years of teaching experience of undergrad students. She is expert in handling stress and pain issues of youth. She is strong advocate of giving positivity empathy and hope to everyone facing any difficulty in life. She believes where there is will to change there is always a way to do it. Her approach of solving issues is with integrative psychotherapy, in which she takes into account the inherent values of each individual with the aim of facilitating wholeness and maximizing the individual’s functioning in various areas of life. She is trained in non-violent communication NVC from Switzerland to provide counseling and therapy in several areas, some of which include grief and bereavement, depression, work stress management, anger management, self-esteem issues and anxiety. She has a keen interest in transpersonal dimensions and integrates that approach in sessions depending on a client’s inclinations.