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Tehreem Riffat

Tehreem is a clinical psychologist working in Lahore from last 2 years. She has primarily been working with special needs children at Beaconhouse Newlands, managing their behavioral problems and counseling special needs parents. Recently she joined university of Lahore as a teacher. She is passionate about adult therapy and doing psychotherapy form last 2 years. She truly understands how difficult it is to approach clinical psychologist and coming to terms with the fact that you might need help, especially with all the stigma surrounding it. Her approach to psychotherapy is to provide a safe zone where one can be comfortable in stripping off worldly personas, be their authentic selves, and share their deepest struggles. Most people enter therapy feeling lost and confused; therefore, she aims to provide an environment of self-exploration where getting to know oneself is a part of getting closer to treatment goals. Her therapy style is electric, where she uses a combination of different therapeutic techniques from Person Centered therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Behavior Therapy that are best suited to your struggles and challenges. She believes in working collaboratively in identifying goals and direction of therapy, and giving you the autonomy to make informed decisions in therapy. Since she strongly feels that the purpose of psychotherapy is to bring about positive change and growth, she will work in helping you become the best version of yourself.