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Pukaar Community envisions easy access to well trained psychologists, enabling people live a happier and healthier life


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Share life and love. All intelligent and precise matching, anytime, start a conversation with the like-minded and talk goodbye.

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We make it easy to talk about your worries: Anytime, Anywhere
Anger Management
Work-life issues
Relationship Issues
Mood Disorder & Suicidal Thought
Post Traumatic Stress
Minor Drug Addiction
Anxiety & Depression
Self Harm & Personality Disorders

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Pukaar Community App has a built-in chat feature that will help you converse with psychologist with ease

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We believe in making a personalized connection with our users; schedule voice calls with our therapists and experience the change for yourself

How does our App work?

Go through the features we provide you in our App so you don’t miss out on our services.

Enter in your details & join the Pukaar community
Chat with a matching therapist to identify your therapy needs
We have a range of packages you can choose from that fit your requirements
We’ll help you find the therapist you want
Start messaging your primary therapist, anytime, anywhere
Therapists respond 1-2 times per day. If you need more simply, discuss with your
Customer support is available to help answer non-clinical questions about how pukaar works

Choose a Plan that’s Right for You

Get control and visibility; kick off with what fits best for you
Per Session



45 min Session

*15 min Trial

3 Sessions

17% 2000


3 x 45 min Sessions

*15 min Trial

6 Sessions

21% 3800


6 x 45 min Sessions

*15 min Trial

12 Sessions

17% 8000


12 x 45 min Sessions

*15 min Trial

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t

Just because no one else can heal or deal your inner work for you, doesn’t mean you can, should or need to do it alone

News and Events

Share life and love. All intelligent and precise matching, anytime, start a conversation with the like-minded and talk goodbye.

Online Sessions

Face Yourself

Guests: Sobia Dar, Rakia Raza
Date: 29th January 2021
Attendees: 1000+
Platform: FAST Character Building Society Facebook Live

Online Sessions

Panel Discussion on Mental Health Awareness

Clinical Psychologists:
Urooj Ali, Hassan Abid, Fatima tahir, Zayn Tariq
Date: 20th January 2021
Attendees: 500+
Platform: UCP Psychology Society Facebook Live

Online Sessions

Breaking the Stigma about Mental Health

Clinical Psychologists: Fatima Tahir, Sobia Dar, Hassan Abid
Date: 19th June 2021
Attendees: 100+
Platform: Facebook Live

Online Sessions

CCS (FAST) icw Pukaar Community on Mental Health Awareness

Guest Speaker: Zayn Tariq
Date: 21st January 2021
Attendees: 500+
Platform: Google Meet

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Pukaar Community is working hard to give back to their communities through Physchologists and Volunteering opportunities. When you become a part of Pukaar Community, you’ll be able to be a part of giving relief and respite to people struggling with symptoms of mental illness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Call on our help line

There will be a text box for a reason and a submit button in our App. A message or a popup will arise showing that we will get back to you in 3 hours in reference to your request.
After you sign up, we will match you to an available therapist who fits your objectives, preferences, and the type of issues you are dealing with. Different volunteers we have on our panel have different approaches and areas of focus, so it’s important to find the right person who can achieve the best results for you. We have found that we are able to provide a successful match most of the time; however, if you start the process and you feel your match isn’t a good fit for you, you may elect to be matched to a different therapist

Call on our help line

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