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Urmanah Safvi

She has a bachelor’s degree from British Education and Training Systems (BETS). She is trained to provide counseling and therapy in several areas, some of which include addiction, grief and bereavement, depression, anger and self-esteem issues. She is currently working in the cultural department of Lahore Grammar School. She is a freelancer and give consultation services to people on one on one basis. Apart from the above, she worked with children with grief, trauma, and teens having aggressive and rebellious behaviors. By using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, she worked with childhood abuse (physical/sexual/emotional) and domestic violence. She has been working in Public Relations since past 22 years, being a cancer survivor and been to rehab herself, she learned a lot and has an experience of working at the Rehabilitation Centre conducting sessions including addiction therapy as well as “Occupational Therapy”. In addition to being a practicing therapist, she is trained to facilitate future therapists in groups. Her main area of work is Somatic/ Phenomenological Experiencing and Felt Sense (Body Mind work) and Mindfulness.