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Slaying the Anxiety!

‘The more I try, the difficult it gets’ Sounds familiar, right? Yes, you are a part of the wide community of people who suffer from highly prevalent chronic anxiety that can manifest itself in various ways like social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias and chronic worrying. You always try to avoid situations […]

Nothing Is Permanent- Not Even Our Troubles

Anxiety… Even hearing this single word rings a bell in your mind. You remember the first day of your school when you had to introduce yourself in front of a hundred students staring at you without even blinking for a second. You remember the day where you were already running late for an interview and […]

Let’s Face It!

As I walked through the mall, my mind was focused on only one thing; their eyes. Am I looking okay today? Is my dress unclean? What if my hair doesn’t seem okay? Is there something on my face? What if somebody came to me and asked me something? Oh my God, they all are watching […]

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