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Breaking the Stigma

Breaking the Stigma: Addressing Mental Health in Today’s Society In today’s fast-paced world, mental health has emerged as a critical concern affecting individuals of all ages. Yet, due to the persistent stigma surrounding mental disorders, many suffer in silence. It is high time we break the barriers and foster open conversations about mental health. Through […]

Therapy; The Untold Side of the Story!

Let’s tackle a common misconception today. Do you think that going for therapy can bring some sort of magic in your life so that it becomes absolutely perfect? As true as it may seem, let’s look at the other side of the coin and see if this actually happens.  The Real Face of Therapy Believe […]

Fear Makes the Wolf Bigger Than It Is

Do you feel uncomfortable or have terrifying feelings of anxiety? Is there any shortness of breathing, you feel trembling, nausea, chest pain, or feeling of choking? And you have a fear of dying due to a specific thing or object? If you have such feelings or fears, you need to know this is not simple […]

I support mental health, do you?

Are you all alright? Do you feel sad in your daily life? Do you feel living life is complicated in this world? Do you feel anxious about most of your things or work? Are you categorized on those who overthink about little things in life? Are you hyperactive? You don’t have to worry if you […]

Resilience: A Solution To All The Troubles?

Without a doubt, you are surrounded by challenging and demanding times. The world out there is as crazy as hell; testing you to your very limit! Who knows what awaits you? The heart-wrenching news of family, work or any other domain may be impatiently waiting for you. While seated on this on-going roller coaster of […]

Corona Virus havoc: Time to tackle the anxiety!

With the Corona Virus on its rise and the Government imposed lock-downs on a stand still, it is not surprising that all the couch potatoes are turning on their television screens and watching the status quo of the Corona virus. But what are we hearing all the time? The inflating number of people who are […]

Trending isn’t always the best!

Thanks to our super-dooper geniuses searching all sorts of disorders on Google, the term panic attack is currently being heavily misused. Are you afraid of the dark? Is your heart beating rapidly? Alas, Dr. Google has diagnosed you with a panic attack and now you need proper therapy sessions! What’s more, Dr. Google understood your […]

No Control

The emotional turmoil that we find ourselves in during a semester is something we can all relate to, however the month long semester break is what keeps us going. I chose to spend mine doing what every adult dreams off and only a few are fortunate enough to achieve; twelve hours of sleep, curled up […]

Too Much To Think About

“The more time I spend with my thoughts, the more I realize how pointless everything is. There’s always going to be someone more educated than me, so why go to college? There is always going to be someone more successful than me professionally, so why hustle? Thousands of brands in the world, why spend money […]

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