Slaying the Anxiety!

‘The more I try, the difficult it gets’ Sounds familiar, right? Yes, you are a part of the wide community of people who suffer from highly prevalent chronic anxiety that can manifest itself in various ways like social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias and chronic worrying. You always try to avoid situations […]

No Control

The emotional turmoil that we find ourselves in during a semester is something we can all relate to, however the month long semester break is what keeps us going. I chose to spend mine doing what every adult dreams off and only a few are fortunate enough to achieve; twelve hours of sleep, curled up […]


In almost every movie, that is based on high school life, consists of the following characters; a nerdy child, a popular girl and a bully. It is only recently that I have started noticing that the reason for their villainous personalities and amoral behavior is the abuse that bullies suffer at the hands of their […]

One baby step at a time, and alas the depression is gone!

I looked at myself in the mirror. It seemed as if another person was staring at me. She had a skinny skeleton like figure, dark black circles beneath her eyes, messy hair and blank eyes that signified emptiness. Who would believe that a lively person who was once the light of everyone’s eyes had turned […]

Too Much To Think About

“The more time I spend with my thoughts, the more I realize how pointless everything is. There’s always going to be someone more educated than me, so why go to college? There is always going to be someone more successful than me professionally, so why hustle? Thousands of brands in the world, why spend money […]


As I walked up a flight of stairs to the roof of an abandoned building, i felt my feet no longer able to carry the weight of my body or perhaps my thoughts. I opened the door to the roof and walked out to see a clear sky. The cool breeze felt like a soft […]

Time To Take Action

Do you feel that’s it impossible for you to ever see happiness again? Do you seem surrounded by complete darkness? Does your brain always tell you that there is nothing left in your life? Do you feel that your mood will never improve again? Does your mind and body feel numb? Trust me, you are […]

A Road Trip To Remember

Summers of 2008 were the best and the worst time of my life. We came home from school, screaming and jumping in the living room, summer vacations had just begun. My mother told us that we had to leave for grandmother’s home at 8 in the morning, as she lived in small little village a […]

Choose Life

You are waiting for the traffic light to go green, you’re waiting in your lane and a young skinny man walks towards your car. His clothes are torn, his hair a tangled mess along with a scruffy beard, he’s covered in dirt and can barely talk. He asks you to help him because he hasn’t […]

Nothing Is Permanent- Not Even Our Troubles

Anxiety… Even hearing this single word rings a bell in your mind. You remember the first day of your school when you had to introduce yourself in front of a hundred students staring at you without even blinking for a second. You remember the day where you were already running late for an interview and […]