Not a Punching Bag

I stood in front of a mirror, as I got dressed for school and saw myself; my lonely, sad self. I wore a long sleeved black shirt to hide the bruise on my left arm, from when I was shoved into lockers the locker by them. I wore blue pants to hide my scrapped knees, […]

Help, Don’t Hurt!

Scarlet red blood sprouted from my mouth. I couldn’t move at all, it seemed as if my whole body was paralyzed. I had been brutally beaten up. I tried to gather my strength and get up but the effort went in vain. My head was throbbing with pain and I was feeling dizzy to such […]

Always Be Kinder Than You Feel; Say No to Bullying!

Bullying can be described as an unwanted, aggressive behavior among school children or employees that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Both the victims of bullying and those who bully others experience long lasting negative consequences. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to take adequate measures to prevent bullying. How to deal with Bullying among […]

People Behind the Screens

There was a time when people used to write fan letters to their favorite celebrities. Some of them might still do it, but in this era of technology and social networking, sites like Instagram and Twitter serves as communication bridge between fans and artists. While some people use them to appreciate and admire their favorite […]

To All the Girls Out There, You are Not Alone!

Is it December yet? Or should I call it a wedding season? I think the name ‘December’ should be substituted with ‘Wedding Season’. Who isn’t familiar with all that wedding hype in December? And how can you forget the PRE WEDDING STRESS! First, during your bachelorhood, all those desi aunties are after you and are […]

Everything Will be Fine, Ms. X

Apparently, December’s supposed to be the international “stress free” month. So keeping that is mind, I’m about to paint you a picture of how an anonymous person’s december is going to look like and as a reader, I would like you to highlight all the events that seem stressful to you. Let’s get started, shall […]

Media Overload

As the sun sets and darkness takes over the sky in winters, cozied up in a blanket, we often find ourselves alone with our thoughts and imagination. Sometimes we make ourselves a nice cup of tea to enjoy your time after a long, hectic day. Wondering what is going in the world, we either decide […]

My Obscure Future!

Remember the time when Hollywood made us believe that the world was going to end in 2012? The fourteen years old me was petrified by the thought of dying so early. As the year ended and everybody welcomed 2013, I promised myself that I’m never going to worry about the future. I think I did […]

Mental Health Is Low Key, Is It?

I shouted in agony to the top of my lungs. I couldn’t handle it anymore. My meaningless and purposeless life was coming to an end. I had struggled enough. I had tried every single day to put my depression aside and go out with a smile. Luckily, it had been a so called ‘success’ as […]