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Is it December yet? Or should I call it a wedding season? I think the name ‘December’ should be substituted with ‘Wedding Season’. Who isn’t familiar with all that wedding hype in December? And how can you forget the PRE WEDDING STRESS!

First, during your bachelorhood, all those desi aunties are after you and are like ‘beta shaadi kab hai? And if it gets fixed somehow, planning a wedding is another stressful job to handle. You are genuinely considered a misfit to the society if you haven’t gotten married according to the ‘appropriate’ age for the society. Societal pressure brings you in vain, especially the girls, who are likely to be done with their bachelors and all those hunter aunties are after these poor souls making them feel old and decrepit. These poor little souls start to think they are not good enough and their life is meaningless, nobody will accept them and they are just worthless pieces of their house who are nothing but just a burden to their families.

Weddings have been pretty fancy these days. There’s a ton of pressure involved in making this one day as special as possible. And the fun fact is that there are many cooks in the kitchen; from your supporting friends to wedding planners along with your parents to eager in laws- that doesn’t usually help. And if you are paying for your entire wedding, it brings more pressure to your already existing stress. In this era of competition, people need to understand that even though your wedding will be unique and beautiful, it can never be perfect.

The brides to be who tend to freak out of the impending DOOM which they consider with the name ‘marriage’. Getting focused on all the details that they have forgotten for their big day, they forget to take care of their own selves, especially their mental health.  I think instead of ranting about the wedding details i.e. their outfit, décor, on point makeup and oh their ENTRY, spending time laughing and having fun can help them put the wedding details in perspective. The quality time matters, not the décor that is going to be cleaned afterwards or the makeup that is going to be washed off. You are the one who matter. You don’t need to satisfy the people, but yourself. Ask yourself that are you happy? Are you satisfied? And think about all the crazy and lovely moments you’ve spent with your family and cherish the last days that you are in your parent’s home.

Hey, I am not done yet! POST WEDDING STRESS won’t leave you. Remember those hunter aunties I was talking about? They are like a shadow. They chase you everywhere and you can never get rid of them until you stop caring. They would target you for having a FAMILY now! Oh wait, are they the ones to decide that? Think again! You don’t have to listen to them. It might affect your relationship because fitting into a new family is already a stressful job and you are unable to take this additional pressure. The small daily hassles can add up to large consequences, transforming your marriage into a toxic relationship!

If you are suffering from this kind of stress, team PUKAAR is there to help you get out of this jigsaw and simplify your life, just like a math equation!

Written By: Harmeen Khalid

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