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Apparently, December’s supposed to be the international “stress free” month. So keeping that is mind, I’m about to paint you a picture of how an anonymous person’s december is going to look like and as a reader, I would like you to highlight all the events that seem stressful to you. Let’s get started, shall we?

So this person, that we are calling Ms. X is a student at a university, a content writer, a tutor and a full time first born child, who also happens to be a female gal (ladies and gentlemen, the train to stress town has left its station). Since we’ve already talked about how stressful university life is in our previous articles, we’re going to skip the student’s part of the conversation because you all know you would be highlighting the whole paragraph, let us talk about how difficult it is for students to manage work with studies and the stress of being a first born child.

As a young adult, especially being an undergrad is not easy. The financial issues that one goes through are infuriating. Therefore to combat this, person X decided to get a job. Unfortunately the combination of working and studying added more stress to her already existing stress level. This led her to procrastinate. She started putting off work because she had no idea where to begin from and eventually that turned into a big pile of unfinished task that caused her to stress more about completing it, this turned it into a vicious cycle of worrying and procrastinating. What one can do in this situation is to try to calm their mind and body. Meditation helps one create a safe space to relax, which helps lower the stress level and enhances positivity which gets them back on track. Meditating 10 minutes a day will make you feel much better.

Secondly, let us talk about how as the first born child, person X is under the pressure of being the best possible of herself since her younger sister looks up to her. She never knew she signed up for taking care of her sibling and meeting her parents expectations that were set so high that were unachievable. The question she had was, why do siblings choose to adopt all the worst habits that their elder ones have? You’re supposed to learn from their mistakes and be a better person, rather what happens is that the elder one’s get blamed for all bad that exists in their younger siblings. Don’t you just love it when this happens? Yes we can relate, person X. A study involving 10,000 mothers found first born children were more likely to develop depression and anxiety as adults. It is important for parents and children to have candid conversations about how they feel; their mental health, and parents should understand the adverse effects of the pressure that they put on their first born child.

Stress is not all bad, sometimes it helps us perform better, helps us put things into perspectives. But sometimes it clouds our judgment and leaves us at our absolute worse. As an individual, we should evaluate our lives and decisions and organize them in such a way that they do not have an adverse effect on our mental health, because the worse our mental health gets, the more dreadful you are going to feel physically. Our team at Pukaar is here to help you get your life on track and help you manage your life better and stress free. Celebrate this month of december as an international stress free month by talking to us about your troubles and we will be ready with our solutions.

Written By: Izza Raza

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