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Without a doubt, you are surrounded by challenging and demanding times. The world out there is as crazy as hell; testing you to your very limit! Who knows what awaits you? The heart-wrenching news of family, work or any other domain may be impatiently waiting for you. While seated on this on-going roller coaster of life, you surely need to be resilient. 

What is resilience? 

Resilience is the ability to adapt to the challenges and hurdles of life. Trails and difficult tests are going to come in your way but it’s up to you whether you grab this opportunity to let yourself grow or allow it to tear yourself apart. 

How can you build resilience? 

Incalculating resilience within yourself demands a lot of willpower, strength and determination. The following elements would aid in setting the platform for the development of resilience within you:

  • You have a million reasons to smile. Next time you start to eat something, remember to feel blessed. No need to say it loud, but within your heart, feel grateful for these little things. Send your gratitude to farmers, pickers, packagers, street vendors etc. And the best way to do that is to become an active citizen who volunteers for various community service projects. Afterall, gratitude needs to be paid back to the society! 
  • Increase your self-efficacy. Wow, self efficacy? A difficult word. But wait a second. Think about your success and owe it to your hard work only. Don’t think that it’s because of other reasons. Now, think back and write down all those times when the odds were against you and you were on the verge of falling down, but you didn’t give up. You overcame those hurdles and succeeded. So what does this show? It reveals your ability to succeed in the face of adversities! Hence, believe in yourself. Put your hand on your heart and say ‘All iz well.’ After all, you have the strength to conquer all the obstacles! 
  • Reframe your thoughts to give them a more positive outlook. Who says you can’t lie to yourself? Who says you cannot trick your mind? Instead of saying ‘I am fat,’ why not say ‘I am working towards adapting a healthier lifestyle.’ Seems way more positive this way! And this is exactly the need of the hour! 

Developing resilience is a highly tedious and demanding task. It requires endurance, persistence and never-ending self belief. Embarking on this journey demands a lot of wit and social support. But no need to worry! Pukaar’s support system will become your backbone! So don’t give it a second thought and hurry up, call Pukaar immediately! 

Written by: Rida Irfan

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